ConCarolinas 2019 / Deep South Con 57  ||  May 31st - June 2nd
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Bill Mulligan

I remember watching THE BLACK SCORPION, possibly through the bars of my crib and it left lasting impressions: a love for genre films and stop motion animation, a desire to figure out how they’re made, and a fear of black scorpions.

My aunt bought me a super-8 camera and I tormented my family for years with it, but never found a group of people that shared my passion. I put film-making aside for about 30 years until that fateful day in 2005 when a student told me that her best friend’s mom was making a zombie movie and would I be interested? Of course I was, and that’s how I met last year’s GOH Christine Parker. 15 years and about that many projects later, we still make movies together and there is nobody to whom I owe a greater creative debt.

A firm believer in the value of showing up and wearing whatever hat they give you, I’ve been an actor, writer, cinematographer, editor and director, as well as my first love, special effects and makeup.

We made SECOND DEATH on a budget of pennies and, insanely, decided to expand it to a feature (THE FOREVER DEAD) for our second project, with a budget of quarters. Having learned nothing we made a second feature FISTFUL OF BRAINS, setting it in the old west because our reach always exceeded our grasp. With every project we swore never to do it again and just make shorts. Inevitably the siren’s call of another feature came calling; 2012’s A FEW BRAINS MORE and 2014’s FIX IT IN POST, both co-written with Christine and the most recent feature, BLOOD OF THE MUMMY, which will be shown again this year and you can watch me die horribly.

Other highlights include my so far sole directing effort CACHE ME IF YOU CAN, 400 WAYS TO KILL A VAMPIRE, and BELLADONNA, directed by Brett Mullen from my script. I have also contributed to the projects of such Mysticon favorites as Christopher Moore (KNOB GOBLINS) and you will soon see me in Jaysen Buterin’s KILL GIGGLES, where I die horribly.

I am humbled and honored to be a Guest of Honor for this wonderful convention and will gladly share anything I have with people who are interested becoming part of the indie film community, from which I have met some of the finest people I know. I plan on doing this for the rest of my life, until I die. Horribly, I suspect.

(Note: What, does this bio just follow me around forever? I'm not GOH at Congrgate, I'm just a guy going to see people I love and watch great panels and nosh at the con suite until they kick me out)